Deafmessanger s.r.o.

Stand: U17
Deafmessanger s.r.o.


Deafmessanger Notebooks is a small, but successful notebook brand from Prague. For more than 10 years we have collected and recycled paper, pictures, photos, magazines, and books, creating unique, individual, personal notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks, agendas, and postcards. Everything is handmade in our studio in Prague, with the help of small, local factories and a social workshop.

Opening one of our unique notebooks pulls you into a world of playing cards from Asia, letter fragments from Germany, book pages from Spain, subway tickets from New York City, and old photos and postcards from the Czech Republic. Traveling across the world, we collect all these discharged items, witnesses of forgotten stories, places, and times. You are invited to discover and rewrite them. Between the reclaimed pages you find lots of space to sketch, write, draw and create your own story.

Our new BASIC line is a reduced, more clean version of our ORIGINAL notebook. It is produced in the Czech Republic like all our products. We make frames, so you can have a piece of Deafmessanger art on your wall. We make cups, so you can drink your morning coffee or tea with us. We also make diaries, so you can plan your year. 

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