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aknDesign MISFITS

Stand: G66
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Misfits is the next classic game that builds on the legacy before it.

The game’s objective is to be first to stack ten blocks, without the tower falling. Our messaging and branding is to an initial target audience of young professionals, 24 - 35 years old. Selling out of a first run of a limited run of 250 units in 2023 -- with three UK stockists collectively purchasing more than 70 units -- we seek buyers and retailers interested in listing the perfect coffee table game. We had a great showing at Top Drawer 2020, with buyers from Paperchase, National Gallery of Victoria, Uncommon Goods & Virgin Media expressing interest

The next classic game’. No rectangular blocks. Face devilish challenges as you stack triangles on curved blocks, thread cylinders or delicately place that trapezoid. Misfits’ range of block shapes and stacking combinations offer endless ways of play. We won’t include a rulebook with the game set, as it’s so easy to play and build your own house rules.

A designer’s love letter to a stacking game. Meant to be proudly featured on a coffee table or bookshelf. Blocks all fit together in a puzzle-like form to reduce transport costs. No more lost game pieces. Wayfinding block map to return the blocks. Exhibited at a national UK museum. Words from Anthony Burrill, UK-based graphic artist, see profile by Apple

Purpose driven. Misfits is a game with intent. It’s about challenging the notions of what a board game should be: design-led, simple, welcoming. We embed values like simplicity, accessibility, and inclusivity. Broader mission is to create world’s simplest and most compelling design-led tabletop games. Played across all generations, languages and genders. 

Sustainability. 50% post-consumer recycled packaging, soy-based ink. Sustainably sourced, conflict-free wood. Longer term goals: Bio-based PE shrink film, Plastic-Free® certification, FSC® certification, carbon reduced/neutral supply chain

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