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07 Apr 2020

What can you do to maintain your business during these quieter times?

What can you do to maintain your business during these quieter times?

These times are unprecedented. As business is adapting to the implications of COVID19, there are many big decisions to make and, for many, a quieter and more uncertain time is ahead.

Therefore, it is as important as ever to use this time wisely… to make sure you keep your businesses momentum going and give you purpose. How can this be done? Cathy Allenby of the Bespoke Brand Designer gives us her insight. 

1. Up your visibility game by creating a strong online presence

2. Get all of your brand and marketing ducks in a row

3. Keep your relationship with your clients, customers strong so that when normality resumes they haven’t forgotten about you.


You see, no matter whether you sell products or you offer a valued service, the clients, customers and community you have worked so hard to build up still want to hear from you - maybe not quite in the same way you have been showing up before, but by reaching out and connecting with new information and advice in all different kinds of formats you are continuing to make a strong impression.

Give your audience regular, valuable content via stories, blog posts or emails such as:

  • Letting them know HOW you have adapted
  • What your policy is surrounding COVID19
  • What you still can or cannot offer
  • How they can order, book your service or communicate with you
  • Give useful tips, tutorials or advice
  • Engage with your audience on whichever social media platforms you use - ask questions, create polls, talk about why you started and what you stand for?


This is sooooo true, and now more than ever, your focus should be on making sure ALL elements of your brand identity are not only how you want them, but are consistent across all areas of your business. 

A brand is made up of many things:

  • Fonts
  • Colours
  • Logo
  • Patterns/ textures 
  • Tagline
  • Tone of voice
  • Images and photos

If you have the time, go through these elements, do they all fit together well? Do they truly represent your company? Do you love your brand identity and feel proud to show it off? Is your wording giving out the right message? If the answer to any of these is no, then NOW is the time to look at these things and figure them out either by yourself or asking for help from a professional.

Your brand identity is represented through many formats, the most important one currently being your website and social media. These are your shop windows, the places your audience and future clients, customers can find you and find OUT about you. These platforms work hard for you 24 hours a day so it is VITAL they are tip top, give the right impression, are easy to navigate and represent you in your best light.

Things you can do:

  • Make sure your brand is represented beautifully by making your logo is clear, your colours consistent and your message strong.
  • Make sure the information you put on is current, informative and is of value.
  • Every image you put out should be high resolution, (NEVER tolerate a pixilated photo!) if you don’t have great images be sure to make a note to book in with a professional to improve the situation once normality resumes. 
  • Spend some time making sure your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is strong - many SEO companies are still operating so investigate what professional help is available.

Through these difficult times it is tempting to put your foot on the brake especially if you are not operating in the same way you are used to… but don’t! Use this time to put your foot on the throttle and make progress….

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