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11 Jun 2020

The Halcyon Naturals simple guide to lifting low moods

The Halcyon Naturals simple guide to lifting low moods

More clarity, less stress

No matter how we strong we think we are, everyone at some point in their life will experience low mood. The lockdown we are currently living in is certainly no exception!
Triggered by the smallest of things, low moods can last a day or continue for longer periods of time leading to high stress levels and depression. The state of your mental health not only affects you, it also impacts those surrounding you.

Mood management can be easily done at home as part of your daily routine to stay in happy mode and combat the production of the stress hormone cortisol.  Released by the body during times of stress, cortisol has many important functions in your body, so maintaining the right level is essential for good mental health and body function.

Meditation is simple to practice. Just 10 minutes of meditation each day can help to manage stress levels, improve your overall health and wellbeing and help with insomnia. There are a variety of free apps available on your phone and you can even “ask Alexa” to help you meditate and she will find you guided meditations you can listen to at your own leisure. Our top three meditation apps are: Insight timerCalm and Meditation studio.

It’s a proven fact that exercise can lift mood. It doesn’t have to be high intensity or high impact it can be a brisk walk for 30 mins or a moderate cardio workout to get the blood pumping. After just 30 mins of moderate aerobic exercise, endorphins are released and result in a mood lift and energy boost that can last up to 24 hours. Endorphins are produced naturally by the body and trigger happy, positive feelings.

If you prefer low impact activity, Yoga is a great form of low impact exercise that helps ease anxiety and stress by incorporating breathing techniques, meditation, movements, and relaxation.

Yoga practice has become a popular method to help restore balance and mental clarity with additional benefits such as increasing body strength, balance and posture improvement, and enhanced flexibility. Our top three yoga apps are: Movement for modern life; Yogastudio and Down Dog.

Aromatherapy can come at a cost and this varies depending on the number and length of sessions. It can cost between £50 and £90 per session. Also known as Essential oil Therapy,  it uses natural plant extracts and essential oils to enhance mental wellbeing and physical and emotional health. Aromatherapy can be practiced in the home using products that use essential oils such as reed diffusers, room mists and scented candles.

Aromatherapy candles are ideal for relaxation, anxiety, stress relief and insomnia. All Halcyon Natural candles, diffusers and room mists are hand poured and contain only pure essential oils instead of fragrance oils which are synthetic in nature and have no actual therapeutic benefits. Specifically designed to enhance your mood through aromachology (a fusion of aromatherapy and scent science), all our products are vegan-friendly, toxin free and with no paraffin, chemicals or other harmful ingredients that can be damaging to your health.

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