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04 Dec 2023

Love Your High Street Week: A Celebration of Success

Love Your High Street Week: A Celebration of Success
The British Independent Retailers Association (Bira) launched Love Your High Street Week in 2023 to celebrate the incredible independent retailers that make our high streets so special. The week-long event was a huge success, with shoppers across the UK visiting their local independent shops to show their support.

#LoveYourHighStreetWeek encouraged the public to consider the vital need for their local high streets to exist and for independent retailers to join in the celebration by sharing a toolkit of online and printable content.

The event highlighted nine key benefits to shopping on your local high street:

  • Unique Products: Independent retailers featured handcrafted, locally sourced products, each possessing an exclusive charm not found in mainstream outlets.
  • Delightful Displays: Charming storefronts and creative displays contributed to the individuality and character of local communities.
  • Product Expertise: The personable service provided by knowledgeable staff offered shoppers valuable insights and tailored recommendations.
  • Warming Customer Service: Genuine interactions with retailers elevated transactions into meaningful connections, distinguishing the experience from online alternatives.
  • Gift Inspiration: The abundance of thoughtful gifts and inspirational finds added an element of surprise, distinct from the predictability of online shopping.
  • Connecting with Others: Local shopping fostered a sense of community and neighborly connections, transforming routine errands into social endeavors.
  • A Reason to Get Outside: It encouraged patrons to embrace the elements, enjoy fresh air, and explore the charm of their local surroundings.
  • A Little Exercise and a Tasty Lunch: Merging shopping with a leisurely stroll and a local culinary experience became a notable aspect of the local retail encounter.
  • Magic Festive Spirit: The week acted as a prelude to the enchanting holiday atmosphere unique to local high streets.

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The dynamics of the #LoveYourHighStreet campaign

As part of the celebrations, Bira handed over its social media accounts to three independent retailers: gift shop Loveone, fashion boutiques Velvet and Rose, and Maya Maya. The retailers took turns sharing behind-the-scenes content, exclusive offers, and inspiring stories about their businesses.

The social media takeover was a huge hit with followers, who loved getting to know the retailers better and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. The retailers also used the opportunity to connect with new customers and promote their products and services.

Bira is grateful to Loveone, Velvet and Rose, and Maya Maya for taking part in the social media takeover and sharing their stories with the world. Their participation helped to raise awareness of the importance of supporting independent retailers and the many benefits that they offer to their communities.

Love Your High Street all year round!

The success of the inaugural #LoveYourHighStreetWeek extends beyond a single event, it stands as a testament to the resilience, creativity, and community-driven passion inherent in local businesses. With Bira’s Love Your High Street Christmas display competition, independent retailers across the country are given the opportunity to share their pictures and videos of their decorated displays on social media, with Bira hosting a public vote to choose a favourite in several categories.

This is a wonderful opportunity to spread Christmas cheer, for retailers to engage with their customers, and to show the world the spirit and heart of independent retail.

For more information on Bira and how you can become a member, visit or email