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06 Dec 2023

Gift of the Year Awards Deadline Extended to Midnight December 8th

Gift of the Year Awards Deadline Extended to Midnight December 8th

In response to overwhelming demand, accommodate last-minute entrants band for brands to complete their entries, the Gift of the Year Awards is pleased to announce the final extension of the submission deadline to Midnight December 8th. With just a week and a half remaining, participants now have a final opportunity to enter one of the largest and longest-running award programs in the home and gift industry.

The Gift of the Year Awards has been a hallmark of excellence in the industry for over 45 years, celebrating innovative products, creative designs, and exceptional talent. This extension aims to ensure that all deserving contenders have the chance to showcase their products and vie for the prestigious recognition that comes with being a Gift of the Year winner.

This final call to action is for businesses and individuals who may have been contemplating participation but have yet to submit their entries. With an extra week and a half, there is ample time to finalise submissions and join the ranks of industry leaders who have benefited from the exposure and credibility that comes with a Gift of the Year Award.

Key Details:

Midnight December 8th

Enter here –

The Gift of the Year Awards encompasses a wide range of categories, from innovative home decor to unique gifting items, providing a platform for businesses of all sizes to gain recognition and stand out in a competitive market.

"We understand that the holiday season can be a busy time for everyone in the industry, and we want to ensure that no deserving product or talent is left unnoticed, and it is our worst kept secret" said Chris Workman, PR and Marketing Manager at Gift of the Year Awards. "The extension to December 8th gives participants that final window to submit their entries and be a part of this great event."

Entrants are encouraged to act promptly to take advantage of this last chance to be a part of the Gift of the Year Awards. For more information on how to submit entries and a full list of categories, please visit