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12 Dec 2023

Behind the Brand: Trixie

Behind the Brand: Trixie
The international Play brand knows what it takes to make high-quality products that appeal to parents and improve the lives of the children who use them. With imagination at the core of their ethos, read about how this brand makes magic happen!

trixie What inspired you to start your business/brand?

Everything we do at Trixie is all about sparking a child’s infinite imagination for Babies, Toddlers and those first years at School.

15 years ago, Trixie started by bringing sustainable nursery textiles to the Belgian market. Now it’s an international brand and key player in school and nursery essentials and with toys and mealtime ranges.

What are the values that define your brand?

Infinite imagination is at the core of everything we do at Trixie. Our goofy Trixie animal friends have been there from the beginning, to stimulate the imagination of small children. Trixie is also defined by carefully selected colours and high-quality materials. Sustainability and durability is guaranteed throughout our smart designs. Everything we design, should be accessible for all children.

What is your biggest motivation behind your brand and your product(s)?

We always focus first on what the children need while maintaining the quality and durability of our products and guaranteeing at the same time an attractive design for the parents. The concept of infinite imagination is not just a part of what we do at Trixie; it's the very soul of our brand – from our design and development to our communication, problem-solving, and our interactions with customers, suppliers and employees.

Can you highlight a memorable moment since starting your brand?trixie

We work hard on innovation, marketing, great sales services and a strong personal connection with all our clients, with a strong visibility in our key markets as a result. From Mr. Lion, Mr. Dino and Mrs. Cat to Mrs. Rabbit and Mr. Fox: they are now already fifteen and have recently started to shine abroad. A pop-up store in London shopping mecca Harrods sells them, as do Bumble Bee, the largest shopping center in Dubai, and Fleux, a well-known children's boutique in the heart of Paris.

What advice would you give to business owners, creators, designers and brand owners just starting out?

Try to stay close to the purpose of your brand/store and create/sell products that give an answer to your purpose. That’s what we do at Trixie and that’s what creates the strong connection with our clients, customers, employees and external partners. Everything we do, is to stimulate children to grow up to be the best version of themselves.