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10 Aug 2023

Design Stories: Pivot

Design Stories: Pivot
Uncover the artistry of Pivot's ethically founded creations. Read the inspiring story on how this brand combines making a difference with making a variety of gorgeous products.

What was the initial inspiration behind your product?

The initial inspiration behind our new homeware collection, designed in collaboration by Alice (Founder) and Bella (Brand and Marketing Lead), stems from a deeply rooted concept that is central to Pivot's values: the idea of 'home.' At Pivot, we work closely with people experiencing homelessness, and this experience has highlighted the profound significance of having a place to call home. We believe that everyone deserves the safe and secure housing they need.

With this understanding, it made perfect sense for us to create a homeware range that not only helps individuals decorate their living spaces but also supports those who are building their own homes from the ground up. Our collection carries a dual purpose: to provide customers with beautifully designed and functional homeware items, whilst simultaneously contributing to the cause of supporting those experiencing homelessness in their journey towards a stable and secure future.

The heart of our inspiration lies in the power of 'home' as a concept. It represents comfort, safety, and belonging, which we believe everyone deserves. By incorporating this into our homeware designs, we aim to create a deeper connection between our customers and our social impact. Through every purchase made, our customers become a part of this impactful journey; with the proceeds directly supporting the hostel residents we work with find their way back to a place they can call home.

We are passionate about creating positive change and fostering a sense of community, and our homeware collection serves as a tangible manifestation of this mission. We hope that our designs not only enhance living spaces but also spark conversations about the importance of 'home' and the collective responsibility we have in supporting those facing homelessness. Together, we can make a difference, one beautifully decorated home at a time.

How did you start your design process?Pivot

The design process for our collection was a fun and collaborative journey that drew inspiration from various sources. Bella's passion for interior design brought an exciting dimension to the project, infusing it with fresh perspectives and a keen eye for aesthetics.

In addition, Alice's background in architecture played a crucial role in shaping our designs. Her expertise brought a sense of structure, functionality, and attention to detail that ensured our homeware pieces are not only visually appealing but also practical and user-friendly.

Nature also played a significant role in guiding our design choices. We drew inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, which is evident in our plant bookmarks and rainbow-shaped homeware pieces. Embracing elements from nature allowed us to infuse our designs with a sense of eco-consciousness.

Throughout the design process, we also explored what was currently on the market to ensure our collection stood out and offered something truly unique. By combining inspiration from diverse sources, we were able to create a collection that reflects our passion for sustainability, functionality and creativity.

Ultimately, the fusion of design, architectural expertise, the influence of nature, and inspiration from the market, culminated in a homeware collection that we are immensely proud of. Each piece tells a story of collaboration, thoughtful design, and a genuine commitment to our mission of making homes more beautiful, functional, and sustainable. We hope that our collection resonates with our customers and becomes a cherished addition to their homes, bringing joy and comfort while supporting the greater cause we stand for.

On days when you are struggling creatively, what boosts your creativity?

When facing creative struggles, the remedy that never fails to boost our creativity is getting outside! Our approach is not only a personal preference but an integral part of our programmes with our Makers. We firmly believe that nature walks have the power to reignite inspiration and offer a fresh perspective on our creative challenges.

During our nature walks, we encourage our Makers to embrace the beauty of their surroundings, observe shapes, textures, and colours in the natural world. It serves as a wellspring of inspiration that fuels their creative minds and often leads to ideas and innovative concepts. The act of being in nature helps our Makers step away from their own thoughts and temporarily detach from any mental blocks, freeing their minds to wander creatively.

Sometimes, the best course of action is to step away from our workstations, get some fresh air, and take our dogs out for a walk. The simple act of being in the open air can be a catalyst for the flow of ideas and a reset for our creative processes. As we walk, our thoughts become untethered, allowing us to welcome new perspectives and innovative solutions to our creative challenges.

At the core of our approach is the belief that nature provides us with an infinite reservoir of inspiration and rejuvenation. By incorporating nature walks into our creative practices, we empower ourselves and our Makers to access their full creative potential and bring their visions to life.

pivotHow do you leverage design to differentiate your products from competitors in a crowded market? What makes your brand unique?

What sets us apart and makes our products truly unique is the seamless integration of sustainability, social impact and purposeful design.

Our brand's purpose extends far beyond just creating beautiful products; it encompasses making a positive impact on society too. By supporting people experiencing homelessness, we channel our creativity towards a greater cause – empowering people to pivot their lives and take steps away from temporary accommodation. This social mission is an integral part of our brand identity, by also empowering our customers to become a part of the change they wish to see in the world.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices drives every aspect of our design process. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing responsible manufacturing methods, we ensure that our products leave the smallest ecological footprint possible. This dedication to environmental consciousness resonates with an increasingly conscious consumer-base seeking products that align with their values.

Our design approach is characterised by a blend of simplicity and beauty. We believe that elegance lies in simplicity, and our products reflect this ethos. Striking a balance between refined aesthetics and functional minimalism, our designs resonate with customers seeking timeless and versatile pieces that effortlessly complement their homes.

The combination of sustainability, ethics, social impact, and thoughtful design truly sets us apart from our competitors in the crowded market. While others may focus solely on aesthetics or mass production, our brand offers a purpose-driven alternative that resonates deeply with conscious consumers. Our customers not only acquire beautiful and functional products but also become advocates for a more sustainable and compassionate world.

How do you balance functionality and design/creativity?

Balancing functionality and design/creativity is a key principle in our brand's ethos, and sustainability and ethical practices play a pivotal role in shaping this. Our commitment to sustainability influences every aspect of our design process, prompting us to be resourceful with our materials and mindful of the product's lifecycle.

We take pride in our sustainable material choices, using eco-friendly alternatives to reduce our environmental impact. This commitment to resourcefulness has a direct impact on the design of our items, as we seek to maximise the potential of each material while minimising waste.

Moreover, our dedication to ethical production practices goes hand-in-hand with our sustainability goals. When designing our products, we must ensure that the final items can be crafted by our Makers in a hostel setting without the use of fire or other potentially hazardous tools. This constraint challenges our creativity and pushes us to think outside the box, exploring innovative techniques that align with the hostel's limitations while maintaining our commitment to functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.

The functionality of the final product is paramount, but we also extend our consideration to the functionality of the production process itself. By carefully considering the resources available in a hostel setting, we create designs that can be manufactured efficiently and safely while still embodying our brand's identity.