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29 Nov 2023

Behind the Brand | Neve's Bees

Behind the Brand | Neve's Bees
Check out all the buzz around Neve's Bees and their truly sustainable wellbeing products. This natural brand is a standout both inside and out! 

What are the values that define your brand?

Neve’s Bees set out from the beginning to be a business for good.

  • Our products look, smell and feel amazing.
  • Our packaging is all recyclable.
  • Unlike ALL creams and lotions, our products are waterless meaning they contain NONE of the emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners and other chemicals required in water-based creams and lotions – much kinder on our skin and kinder on our environment.
  • Because our products are not diluted, their carbon footprint is significantly less than that of creams and lotions.
  • We donate 10% of our profits to wildlife charities to bring back the wildflower meadows and the bees and other pollinators they support.
  • We are Soil Association COSMOS Certified Natural and Organic.
  • We are on track to become B Corp Certified in Spring 2024.

What is your biggest motivation behind your brand and your product(s)?Neve's Bees

Our products truly work to moisturise and nourish your skin with none of the damaging chemicals in much skincare. Each product we sell not only donates money to save our bees, but also makes an impact on the amount of environmentally damaging chemicals that are entering our bodies and our watercourses.

Where did the inspiration for your product(s) come from?

Both Neve and I suffer from dry skin and eczema. We realised that almost all of the products available in the shops contained water (and the required emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners) that were damaging our skin. We couldn’t find any truly natural products, so we started making our own. Because many products in the ‘natural’ space tend to be somewhat ‘beige’ we wanted our brand to reflect the beautiful flowers and plants around us – so our packaging is bright and cheerful.

Can you highlight a memorable moment since starting your brand?

This summer, we won Oxfordshire’s Sustainable Business of the Year Award – we were truly delighted that, from a huge field of entry, Neve’s Bees won this prestigious award, recognising not only our truly sustainable credentials but also the fact that our customers love our brand and our products.

What advice would you give to business owners, creators, designers and brand owners just starting out?

Be really clear about who you’re targeting and why they will buy your products over and above those of another brand (or doing nothing!) and make sure all your customer touch points reflect these values.

At the Spring/Summer edition of Top Drawer, will you be launching any new collections and if so, can you give us a sneak peek?Neve's Bees

We have two exciting new product launches coming for Christmas – we will definitely be showcasing one or both at Top Drawer!

What is your personal favourite from your new collection?

Our New Patchouli and Orange Natural Deo and Blush Tinted Lip Balm are my personal Faves 😊

How does your brand promote sustainability in its operations?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do! We’re Soil Association COSMOS Certified which means all our products, our packaging, our processes (from our procurement, through the washing of our equipment to our waste management) meet the highest sustainable standards, all our products are cruelty free, have recyclable packaging, are waterless so contain none of the chemicals in creams and lotions, and we donate 10% profits to wildlife charities to bring back our wildflower meadows and the bees and other pollinators they support. We are on track to become a B Corp Certified Business in Spring 2024

 Julie Macken – Deputy Queen Bee