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01 Feb 2024

Behind the Brand: Little Belle Nightlights

Behind the Brand: Little Belle Nightlights
This amazing international brand smashed it at their first Top Drawer! Take a look at the inspiring story behind these gorgeous nightlights. 

little belle nightlightsWhat inspired you to start your business/brand?

I’m Laura, a mum of two from New Zealand. I’ve been creating nightlights for over nine years and my hope through Little Belle is to be a force for good in children’s lives through a legacy of helping children to sleep better by bringing some sparks of magic to their sleep time routines.

Thirteen years ago, my daughter was starved of oxygen at birth which resulted in a lot of health complications. She’s better now, but for the first four years of her life she never slept. What saved my sanity and ended up helping her sleep? A magical fairy shaped nightlight that I created and weaving in stories of evening visits from a sleep fairy.

I wanted to share this creation with others to also help their little ones sleep.

What are the values that define your brand?

  • Design with intention: timeless designs that endure beyond fleeting trends.
  • Environmentally responsible décor: quality keepsakes featuring interchangeable light fixtures, reducing waste and preserving our environment.
  • Lighting children’s worlds safely: our commitment to children is at the core of everything we do.

What is your biggest motivation behind your brand and your product(s)?little belle nightlights

The age of 7 is when children start to grasp the difference between make-believe and reality.

This means there is only a small window of time that they will immerse themselves in fantasy and magic. We want to help parents make the most of these precious moments while they last … knowing their child will cherish them forever.

Where did the inspiration for your product(s) come from?

Our lights are lovingly crafted to ‘surprise and delight’, little hints of magic have been crafted into each and every Little Belle Light.⁠

I am constantly inspired by my natural surroundings here in New Zealand and also by children and their never-ending imaginations.

Can you highlight a memorable moment since starting your brand?

There have been many, truly many instances! I am incredibly fortunate to have the unwavering support of an extraordinary community and a dedicated group of stockists who have been by our side for more than 9 years.

Our lights serve as a source of solace for children battling cancer, who often wake up multiple times in pain or need medications during the night. The darkest hours can be the hardest. Over the years, many have shared with me how our lights provide comfort.

One poignant memory is Charlotte, a determined fighter, who held our fairy house nightlight dear. It never left her side during her hospital stay and took centre stage at her funeral. Her mother reached out to me recently to let me know that it continues to honour Charlotte's memory, with its light shining as a centrepiece in their living room.

What advice would you give to business owners, creators, designers and brand owners just starting out?

Engage in a business that genuinely ignites your passion and keeps you inspired day in and day out. This is what gets you through all the obstacles that come up along the way (and there will be many, it’s the reality of business).

Place community and your customer at the heart of what you do. They will be your greatest champions and referrals. My business would not be where it is today without the support of my amazing community.

What is your personal favourite from your new collection?

I genuinely don’t’ have favourites. All pieces carry my heart.

How does your brand promote sustainability in its operations?

We focus on creating timeless pieces that continue to be loved through generations.  A Little Belle Nightlight is not a throwaway item, it is a beautiful piece of decor and memento of safety and comfort in childhood. 

Our materials are mindfully sourced with true attention to craftsmanship. We work with our makers to focus on reusing broken pieces of ceramic, recycling waste heat, wastewater and excess clay.