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08 Nov 2023

Behind the Brand: Fog Linen

Behind the Brand: Fog Linen
This lovely linen brand's beautiful products reflect the elegance and simplicity of the versatile fabric. Take a peek into their international past and the story behind the name.

fog linenWhat inspired you to start your business/brand?

My mother has used linen table clothes, napkins at home since I was child. I loved the texture of linen and liked to help ironing linen clothes at home. When I moved to Tokyo for collage and started to live alone, I really missed having linen at home. The linen products I found at the stores were not an affordable price for a college student. When I started my own wholesale business as a houseware importer/ wholesaler, I was looking for the simply designed affordable linen. I have visited trade shows in the US, Europe, but didn’t find the linen I wanted to use for my everyday life. At that time, my grand aunt had an exchange student from Lithuania at her house and had chance to travel to Lithuania. I joined one of her trips and I had known that Lithuania is the one of the countries which produce linen. I was planning to buy linen products, but it was not long time since Lithuania got independent from Russia. What I found in Lithuania was linen clothes for ceremony or decorated linen table mats and runners, but not the ones I was hoping to find. I tried to find the linen producer in the phone book and called to several numbers. I could communicate in English with 2 companies and asked them to send me the product catalogue and price list. After a few weeks I received some very small pieces of the fabric. I made sketches of the items I would like to get and send by fax, after a week I received the linen items I designed,
I still carry my first product in our collection.


What are the values that define your brand?

Simple design, reasonable price, fit to any styles of interior.

What is your biggest motivation behind your brand and your product{s)?fog linen

I always love to find out when our products are in someone’s house, it makes me happy to know the products are in use!

Can you highlight a memorable moment since starting your brand?

When I first showed our collection at NY gift show, we were very well received and got many orders from the stores in US. That was a very exciting moment! I have not tried a show in Europe for long time, now I am excited to try Top Drawer!

At the Spring/Summer edition of Top Drawer, will you be launching any new collections and if so, can you give us a sneak peek?

We have a new gingham check patterned linen, and make aprons, dish towels, table linens & trays.

What is your personal favorite from your new collection?

Our linen bath towels. I feel very happy when my body is wrapped in linen after shower, it absorbs the moisture and washes and dries very well!

Could you explain how your brand promotes sustainability in its operations?

We try not to waste any small pieces of the fabric after the production. Selling small pieces of the fabrics in a bag for quilters and making small items not to waste any fabric. Linen products themselves are sturdy, often we hear customers are using our dish clothes for over 10 years even they use them almost every day.