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05 Dec 2023

Behind the Brand: Ammazzi

Behind the Brand: Ammazzi
This wonderfully sustainable fashion brand has changed the game with their sleek design and concept. Using recycled materials from plastic water bottles, Ammazzi shows us how fashion and sustainability can merge. 

Hi fellow eco-warriors!

I'm thrilled to share the rollercoaster journey of how I kickstarted my business amidst the chaos of the pandemic. It all began with a simple realization—plastic bags were piling up, and something had to change. That's when the lightbulb moment struck, and I set out on a mission to revolutionize the bag game.

During that time, I managed to craft a versatile, convertible bag that could morph from a casual crossbody/bum-bag to a fold-out rucksack on-the-go as you needed it. But here's my USP…. I designed the bag to be made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles, turning our plastic waste into wearable art!


I thought it might be interesting to show you my first attempt of cutting up and sewing old bed sheets together to produce my innovative design (same bag shown both ways).  So, from prototype to sourcing a reliable manufacturer, to all the fine-tuning in the design, it’s taken nearly 3 x years to get my unisex bag ready to launch.

I ended up with a chic, trendy bag that’s perfect for holidays, festivals, everyday use and we're also making the planet a happier place, one recycled bottle at a time.



So, to any responsible trendsetters out there, join me in this sustainable style revolution. Let's bag up some goodness while strutting our stuff in style! Stay tuned for more adventures on this wild, eco-friendly ride.